Drawings 2008- 2017


background(self portrait)
Trophylies -beacon
Trophylies -crow
Trophylies - point
Trophylies - pelt
Trophylies - loop
thefightingalbinos I
thefightingalbinos II
thefightingalbinos III
thefightingalbinos V
to keep he mind quiet, she held her black Knights tight (slightly warmer image )
To Keep Her Mind Quiet  - DETAIL
White Spike
call, response
Patience Privilege
Mother Minotaur
there's a bear in there
Old habits are hard to break
He Was A Prophet To His People
Bubble And Squeak
What The Blind Man Saw
Pillow Talk
leather Baggage
Playin' Punch Drunk
Hold Your Tongue
By Any Means Necessary
Come Out Swinging
When A Fox Falls
Our plucky hero met her fate
Our plucky hero, met her fate DETAIL
you Look so precious #1
you Look so precious #2
you Look so precious #3
you Look so precious #4
 My kill hand tattooed evil
My kill hand tattooed evil -DETAIL
you've got such a HOT sister
remember Dear, we are doing this for
change is a coming....
What was lost...no longer mattered
veronica and gary
Nobody puts baby in the corner
she sleeps with the feathers
chicken whispers
four is better than 2
i see a new future
Horns up
My Precious
mornin' luv
I want that one
he watched events unfold
you were s'posed to call.jpg
cheeky lil clucka
he promised the best nest, climate controlled too.jpg
No sir, ... no wool here
nothin' could stop them....jpg
they kept watch all night
wink into a one night stand
you've always gotta fuck things up
nibble on a giddy squeal
soak till sober
numb legs remind me of high school
no alarms
he should be hear soon
She heard what you said
mathematical scrubby
the Duchess of Sussex always had  standards-SOLD.jpg
money wellspent
if i wait here long enough, it will happen